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Proper management of sediment is critical when optimizing treatment efficiency.

Sediment ManagementPrimary Treatment

Sediment management during dewatering projects is a necessary first step. Without the effective separation of solids from the liquid stream, all secondary treatment technologies are limited in their effectiveness and often become prematurely fouled due to sediment loading. Particulate filtering is the most common technique used to reduce Total Suspended Solids (TSS).

Managing Elevated Contaminant ConcentrationsSecondary Treatment

Once suspended solids have been reduced, a secondary treatment that targets contaminants can be effectively established. When considering secondary treatment options, it is crucial to understand contaminant concentrations at your site. Secondary treatment targets soluble contaminants, which must be identified by laboratory analysis. Treatment options should be specifically designed to treat the type and concentrations of the contaminant present: i.e. air strippers, adsorption media and Reverse Osmoses, to name a few.

SCG has vast experience with remediation system design, operation, and optimization providing expertise and services throughout North America.

Industrial Water Treatment System Design, Manufacture, Operation, and Maintenance.

Dewatering is an essential component to construction.

Water treatment is often required to meet local discharge criteria. At SCG, we understand that there are many factors to consider when discharging excavation water.

Some of these factors include:

  • Excessive Flow Rates

  • Elevated Contaminant Concentrations

  • Sediment Management

  • Strict Discharge Criteria