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SCG Remediation Services

A Leading Environmental Service Provider Since 1993.

A Leading Environmental Service Provider Since 1993

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Soil, Wastewater & Groundwater.
In-Situ Remediation in Action.

Soil, Wastewater & Groundwater.
In-Situ Remediation in Action.

Using modern High-Resolution Site Characterization techniques, SCG Remediation Services provides real-time data on contaminant profile and distribution. Our team has been designing and operating environmental remediation systems for over 25 years. Our range of HRSC and remediation technologies are designed to restore site operations with minimal impact and maximize cost-effectiveness.

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Site Characterization

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Frequently asked questions.

Wondering if SCG Remediation Services can help? Here are some common questions we receive.

Are you a disaster remediation company?2023-11-20T19:05:29-05:00

Remediation is a term that has a number of different uses. Our remediation work involves soil, groundwater, and water that has been contaminated with compounds found in various industrial applications.

Disaster remediation refers to acute cases of catastrophic damage or loss that need intervention to rectify – often involving people’s homes & personal property.

Environmental remediation (what we do) is used to help critical industries minimize, optimize, and reverse their environmental impact.

What compounds can you remove from water and soil?2023-12-07T13:20:30-05:00

Effectively removing contamination from the subsurface requires the right approach. Our remediation technologies remove hydrocarbons like oil and fuel (Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids or LNAPLs), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), industrial solvents, and common by-products of many industrial processes. Not sure if SCG can help? Get in touch to discuss your project!

What areas do you serve?2023-11-20T19:03:58-05:00

Our teams are based in New Brunswick, Ontario, and Alberta – but we serve our clients across North America. If you’re in Canada or the U.S. and have industrial contamination to tackle, SCG can help.


Years of service


Remediation professionals


Of projects completed

Real-time modeling

Characterize your site.

Cutting-edge technology

Remove contamination.

Turnkey operation

Ongoing site remediation.

Complex remediation projects?

Complex remediation projects?

That’s what we do.

  • I need custom equipment


Measure & Analyze

High-resolution site modelling and analysis with SCG Experts.


Remove & Restore

Contamination removal with modern remediation tech.


Operate & Maintain

Continued maintenance of remediated sites with equipment.

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