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SCG offers Environmental Remediation services throughout North America.

SCG Industries uses cutting-edge High Resolution Site Characterization tools and techniques to generate the data that allows us to make informed decisions on the remediation process. Using our environmental remediation technologies and expertise, we are able to remove soil and groundwater contamination with minimal impact to site integrity & operations.

SCG Industries Limited is an experienced environmental remediation technologies and services provider.

Our continual focus on innovation enables us to provide exceptional services in response to our global clientele’s toughest environmental challenges. 

SCG is proud to be part of the NELSON Environmental Group, a national environmental remediation contractor with headquarters in Edmonton. Through the recent acquisition of SCG Industries Limited, Nelson Environmental Group now offers a broad spectrum of environmental remediation technologies and services


Since 1993, SCG Industries has been one of the most trusted names in environmental remediation.

The challenges encountered across our North American projects have solidified our ability to solve complex, multi-variable remediation problems. Professional Characterization and Remediation techniques achieve your corrective goals without the level of invasiveness required with traditional ex-situ methods. While the technologies employed are among industry standards, the trust we develop with our clients through the level of service we provide is unparalleled. Expertise and integrity are at the core of why SCG has been leading the way in environmental remediation for over 25 years.


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