Remediation Manufacturing & Custom Components

Equipment Manufacture, Rentals, and Sales

We have a vast body of knowledge and experience when it comes to the design and implementation of remediation systems & components.

Custom Fabrication for Remediation Projects

SCG’s custom fabrication services can be tailored to suit the site-specific needs of your remediation project. We offer a flexible, evidence-based and data-driven approach to all of our client’s unique environmental challenges. Our manufacturing team builds equipment and components specifically designed for each new remediation project.

Design & Manufacture Excellence

Whether it is a turn-key system, or specific components, our experience and expertise will ensure the design and selection will meet your specifications. SCG has designed and built over 300 systems for contaminant recovery, vapour abatement, hydraulic control, and remediation.

SCG has vast experience with remediation system design, operation, and optimization providing expertise and services throughout North America.

  • Multi Phase Vacuum Extraction Systems
  • Dual Phase Extraction Systems
  • Pump & Treat Systems
  • Low Level Thermal Injection
  • Re-circulation Systems
  • Air Sparge Systems
  • Soil Vapour Extraction Systems
  • Vapour Abatement Systems
  • Combination Units

Remediation Equipment Rentals

SCG Remediation Services is equipped with full and pilot-scale remediation equipment available for rental.

The units can be adapted, depending on each project’s specifications, leased, and set up to include operation and maintenance services. Services can include a performance-rated contract based on clean-up objectives or contaminant recovery.

Multiphase Extraction Systems

Dual-Phase Extraction Systems

Air Sparge

Air Sparge Systems

Water Treatment Systems


Oxidizer Systems

In addition to turnkey systems, SCG Remediation Services can provide equipment and components such as: