PFAS Remediation

PFAS Water treatment at CFB Edmonton

When Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) leaked into the sanitary system at CFB Edmonton’s Hangar 2 Lift Station, SCG Remediation Services, in collaboration with NELSON Environmental Group Inc., sprang into action. Tasked with a complex challenge, SCG provided a swift and efficient solution to mitigate the environmental impact of this incident.

Project Overview:

Initial Cleanup: Undertaken by NELSON, setting the stage for remediation.
Comprehensive Treatment Strategy: Based on preliminary data from 2021, SCG outlined a plan involving equipment mobilization, and the setup and operation of a water treatment system at Spruce Grove, AB.
Innovative Treatment Technologies: Our approach included sediment filtration, iron removal, activated carbon, and specialized media for PFAS removal, demonstrating our capability in handling diverse contaminants.

Execution and Impact:

Starting with a 6,000-liter treatment trial over five days, our success led to the expansion of the project to treat an additional 30,000 litres of contaminated water. Completed in three weeks, this project showcased our rapid response and the effective application of advanced remediation technologies.

SCG’s work at CFB Edmonton underscores our commitment to environmental stewardship and our readiness to tackle complex challenges. This project not only mitigated immediate environmental risks but also demonstrated our innovative approach to remediation.