Long Harbour – Water Treatment

Brazilian Mining Company with Nickel Operations in Canada

In a recent project underscoring our commitment to environmental stewardship and innovative engineering solutions, SCG Remediation Services was selected by a prominent engineering firm to address complex water management challenges at a mining site. This initiative highlighted our expertise in managing diverse water sources and implementing state-of-the-art water treatment systems to maintain ecological balance and support the site’s operational needs.

Project Overview

The RSA Dam Water Management & Treatment Project was a comprehensive effort to manage water encountered at a mining site, necessitating the drawdown of the area between RSA Dam 1 and its adjacent cofferdam. This operation was critical to the overall success of the site’s engineering and environmental goals, ensuring the maintenance of the drawdown condition throughout the project’s duration.

Water Sources and Challenges

The project presented a unique set of challenges, dealing with various water sources that included precipitation runoff, surface water, groundwater, and seepage from both the RSA and runoff diversion ponds. Each source contributed to the complexity of the water management needed, requiring tailored solutions to ensure effective handling and treatment.

Solutions and Methodologies

SCG’s approach was multifaceted, focusing on not only the immediate need for water drawdown but also the long-term environmental impacts of water treatment. Key to our strategy was the adjustment of pH levels in the collected water, ensuring it met environmental standards before being pumped back into the RSA pond. This was achieved through a meticulously planned water treatment process designed to reduce Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and adjust pH, safeguarding local water quality.

Before commencing the project, SCG developed and submitted a detailed water management plan. This plan outlined the proposed pumping equipment, techniques, methodologies, and sequencing, with a keen focus on safety measures and environmental compliance. The plan also detailed a treatment system capable of meeting the End User’s pH targets, demonstrating SCG’s commitment to achieving project goals through careful planning and technical proficiency.

Outcomes and Impact

The RSA Dam Water Management & Treatment Project is a testament to SCG Remediation Services’ ability to deliver comprehensive solutions to complex environmental challenges. Through innovative engineering and environmental practices, we were able to manage a diverse array of water sources effectively, implement a robust water treatment system, and achieve significant environmental benefits. This project not only facilitated the necessary dewatering of excavations for the connection of a new liner system but also underscored our capability in enhancing project outcomes through 3D modeling and conceptual site model enhancements.