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Remediation and Characterization Equipment and Technology Provider

SCG Industries Limited is a knowledge based remediation technology provider. Our continual focus on innovation enables us to provide exceptional services in response to our global clientele’s toughest environmental challenges. 

Our Clients, have come to trust our experience in assistance with hydrocarbon impacted site characterization and remediation. We integrate design, manufacturing, operation and data analysis, to provide a comprehensive solution to our clients


High Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC)

High Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) or ‘smart technologies’ are fundamentally shifting contaminated site management strategies. These technologies support holistic, cost-effective management approaches through scale appropriate measurements of contaminant distributions and resident media dynamics. This critical leap forward reduces uncertainty supporting fast, effective contaminated site cleanup.

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Remediation Services

Systems Design and Installation:

    • SCG Industries Limited has over 24 years experience with remediation system design and installations.
    • SCG Industries Limited has designed and installed over 100 remediation systems throughout N.A. Our xperience gives us a unique perspective on system design and installation, allowing us to effectively meet our clients design requirements and system needs.
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Operation and Maintenance:

Systems Optimization:

    • Remediation systems periodically require adjustments and fine tuning to allow a system to run at optimal conditions, thereby maximizing recovery. The act of optimization is conducted using recovery and rebound data to stear optimal system operation.
    • SCG Industries Limited has the experience and knowledge to effectively optimize remediation systems.
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Environmental Products

Equipment Custom Fabrication:

    • SCG Industries Limited provides custom fabrication services that can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your remediation project, no matter the size or scope. With over 24 years of manufacturing experience, coupled with our understanding of systems operation, SCG provides a unique insight into the customizing of systems for your specific site challenges.
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Rental Equipment: