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SNC-Lavalin Environment and Water

 Mike Campbell and the SCG Team have provided SNC-Lavalin Environmental Remediation contracting since 2008. SCG has played a key role in our success in achieving world class remediation results using multi-phase product extraction systems, applied to unique and challenging site conditions. Innovation and practical solutions have been a hallmark of SCG’s capabilities. With SCG support we have removed and treated more than 1 million liters of petroleum contamination ground waters.

SCG have proven time and again to be trusted team players, demonstrating a positive attitude and have never failed to get the results we expect.

Trust In Experience

From characterization assistance to remediation equipment provider

Our clients have come to trust our experience in assistance with hydrocarbon impacted site characterization and remediation.
We integrate design, manufacturing, operation and data analysis to provide a comprehensive solution to our clients

Innovation @ SCG Industries

Assisting our clients with their toughest environmental challenges since 1993

Our continual focus on innovation enables us to provide exceptional services

in response to our global clientele’s toughest environmental challenges.