Real-time, on-site data interpretation.

Real-time data output is one of the defining benefits of incorporating High-Resolution Site Characterization tools into your site investigation and management plans.

Data from these technologies facilitates adaptive management practices in the implementation of investigation, site characterization and overall management schemes. Decisions concerning investigation scope can be made as information is collected, ensuring the best possible balance between logistics, costs and data coverage.

This information can be shared immediately, keeping colleagues and clients informed on progress and findings. These practices, in addition to the high push rate of the technologies, facilitate the timely incorporation of this information into management decision and practice.
SCG can work with our consulting clients to ensure the optimization of the investigation based on the real-time results, their goals, and our experience.

Advanced Data Analysis

Without accurate and insightful interpretation, data provides no utility. SCG can help our consulting and end user clients to analyze, interpret and communicate the significance of the information collected in a HRSC investigation.

Data interpretation occurs at two levels – fully understanding what the HRSC data ‘means’, and what it means in the context of site management goals.
SCG’s staff is well trained and experienced in the interpretation of data from all our HRSC tools. SCG takes great care in ensuring all appropriate QA/QC methodologies are employed during site investigation. If warranted, further methodologies can be designed to ensure accurate interpretation of the data can be conducted.

UVOST – advanced assessment services.

SCG can help our clients to integrate this data into their current site conceptual site model. SCG can support our consulting clients to develop holistic site models to support their site management plans.

3D Visualization

Development of a robust conceptual site model is an integral part of tackling any contaminated site issues. A key piece of the conceptual model is the visualization of impacts and the surrounding hydrogeological features. Accurate, 3D and 2D visualizations improve understanding and engagement between stakeholders.

SCG can help our consultants with the 3D and 2D visualization of the site data. Our experience with HRSC data and site remediation enable us to provide our consulting clients with robust visualizations and complete interpretations to better inform their management strategy and communications with their clients.

These visualizations can be complex or straightforward as dictated by site characteristics and management goals. SCG can support our clients in incorporating site information into these models to improve their utility.