Advanced Data Analysis

Without accurate and insightful interpretation, data provides no utility. SCG can help our consulting and end user clients to analyze, interpret and communicate the significance of the information collected in a HRSC investigation.

Data interpretation occurs at two levels – understanding what the HRSC results ‘mean’, and the implications in the context of site management goals.

Experienced collection and interpretation of HRSC data is paramount to derive value from the results. In the field, SCG’s personnel always employ proper QA/QC techniques and can implement strategic methodologies to improve the representativeness of data for site specific goals.

Our experience in HRSC data interpretation can be employed to improve the value of the data. Further utility can be derived via specific statistical and computational analysis. SCG can help our clients to integrate this data into their current site conceptual site model. SCG can support our consulting clients to develop holistic site models to support their site management plans.

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