5 Wing Goose Bay Newfoundland Project – Case Study

Contamination Description:

Located in the town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador, CFB 5 Wing Goose Bay was founded in 1941 by Canadian and US Military Forces.

Over the course of the bases operational history contamination has accumulated over large areas on base. This contamination ranges from hydrocarbon plumes to heavy metals and other chemicals of concern. DND and Canadian Forces have and are continually reworking a remediation plan to address the risk to environment and Human Health. The current program began in 2010 and is slated for completion by 2020.

The hydrocarbon plumes found on base stem from leaking above and belowground storage tanks, leaking underground infrastructure, and historical disposal and containment practices. SCG is directly involved in the remediation of these free product plumes, as well as the associated contaminated soils and ground water.

Resolution Description:

The contamination on base has been sectioned into several distinct sites, each site is being remediated and risk managed using a variety of approaches. The remedial solutions applicable vary based on contaminates of concern as well as technical, geological, spatial, logistical and temporal factors.

SCG is currently conducting remediation at several sites containing LNAPL plumes. We are applying in-situ MPE technology at these sites.  SCG was instrumental in selection of MPE as the remedial technology for this site. SCG was contracted in 2008-2009 to assist in pilot testing of MPE as well as other technologies. MPE was deemed the remedial technology of choice because of the success of these pilot tests as well as its cost effectiveness.

Resolution Analysis:

To date (March., 2013) SCG’s MPE systems at our Goose Bay sites have allowed for the recovery of 751,860L total hydrocarbons. Over the course of the remedial projects we have seen a reduction in the extent of the contaminant plumes, a reduction in contaminate mass as well as treated 5, 147, 731 L of contaminated ground water.

Goose Bay Remediation Project By SCG Industries Inc

These accomplishments have come despite the complexities of working in a harsh sub-arctic climate. As well as working at depths of over 15 m below ground surface in strata of varying permeability. SCG has been successful in applying this technology at depths previously believed to be too great for the effective application of MPE technology.

Summary and Conclusion:

Product recovery at 5 Wing Goose Bay is an ongoing, complex process.  SCG has been an integral component in achieving the projects remedial goals. SCG has achieved measurable success in all phases with which we are involved, and continues to do so despite the complexities, challenges and scale of the project.


Stakeholders approve the use of Light Induced Fluorescence to increase the resolution of data concerning LNAPL distribution on site and further refine Conceptual Site Models and management understanding. To read about specific deployment link to our LIF in Action page.