Boat Harbour HRSC – Effective mapping of contamination in harbour sediment

Sometimes you need to get creative to deliver a project, as was the case with our work on the Boat Harbour Remediation Project.

Boat Harbour, a natural tidal estuary in Pictou County, NS, began receiving wastewater effluent in 1967 from nearby industrial sources. A variety of contaminants have been identified in sediments in the harbour, including PHCs, PAHs, dioxins, furans and metals. Recently, the province of Nova Scotia has committed to the remediation and restoration of Boat Harbour to bring it back to its natural state as a functional estuary.

Using our High-Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) tools, SCG was able to effectively map the contaminant distribution and volume in the harbour sediment. This information was critical to the design of the remedial dredging and disposal program going forward. By clearly identifying the spatial distribution of sediment impacts, a great deal of uncertainty was removed from the remedial project planning stage, allowing for the confident development of realistic budgets and schedules. Our HRSC tools can help cost-effectively achieve your project goals.

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