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Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Over the past two years, SCG Industries Limited (SCG) has provided remediation contractor services to Stantec Consulting Ltd. as part of a large, fuel tank farm site remediation project in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland & Labrador.

During the time I have worked with SCG on this project, I have found Mike Campbell and his team to be highly knowledgeable and results-driven. Based on preliminary pilot testing and a strong understanding of subsurface
conditions, in particular fractured bedrock environments, SCG designed and installed a site-tailored Dual Phase Extraction (DPE) system that has proven to be extremely effective in removing free product from our Client's property. In addition, ongoing support by SCG, including remote system monitoring and routine optimization have resulted in further maximizing the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the DPE system.

Based on their work on this project, I find SCG to be solid and reliable, and would highly recommend them to anyone requiring the services of a remediation contractor.

Defence Construction Canada

For over 10 years working with SCG Industries on environmental contaminated sites they have continuously demonstrated excellent technical ability while ensuring superior customer service.  Their collaborative approach and real time flexibility in adapting to changing conditions has contributed to the success of achieving many project goals.  Their years of experience in industry bring value to any team through early problem identification, analysis and ability to provide solution driven outcomes.


Newfoundland & Labrador Operations

SCG continues to provide outstanding service and excellent technical ability for various projects from small to large scope. Most importantly SCG strives to understand overall project objectives and offer practical and effective solutions. Their commitment to delivering exceptional service is evident in every task they take on.

Department of National Defence

SCG has provided value-added design-build-operate and optimization of multi-phase extraction systems for the Department of National Defence for a number of years. Their team takes a collaborative and hands-on approach to providing feasible and cost-effective solutions for different site conditions, and have consistently delivered on our schedule and performance requirements.

SNC-Lavalin Environment and Water

 Mike Campbell and the SCG Team have provided SNC-Lavalin Environmental Remediation contracting since 2008. SCG has played a key role in our success in achieving world class remediation results using multi-phase product extraction systems, applied to unique and challenging site conditions. Innovation and practical solutions have been a hallmark of SCG’s capabilities. With SCG support we have removed and treated more than 1 million liters of petroleum contamination ground waters.

SCG have proven time and again to be trusted team players, demonstrating a positive attitude and have never failed to get the results we expect.

Winbridge Construction Limited

I have not written letters of praise to many of the companies I have worked with over the years, but in this case, I think I should go on record.

I have been in the construction industry for 38 years and have encountered many excellent companies but only a few have measured up to your company’s standard of professionalism and expertise. You and your staff have been exceptional to work with over the past and I look forward to working with your organization in the future.

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