Design Assistance

SCG has over 20 years of experience in the design and installation of remediation and water treatment systems conducting hundreds of pilot and full scale operations for a variety of contaminants and environmental conditions. This experience has given SCG a unique perspective on system design allowing us to effectively meet our client’s requirements. Our application knowledge coupled with an innovative and collaborative approach is a key piece of SCG’s advantage, we understand the how and why of design.


Installation Assistance

Our designers are on site during all aspects of system installation, which ensures effective and efficient results. Real time, on the ground trouble shooting and immediate decision making based on years of experience are just some of the benefits of having our team complete system installations.

Optimization Assistance

The key to successful optimization is to treat each site as if it were “pay for performance”. Effective remediation requires effective treatment optimization to ensure constant system performance and technology transfer when appropriate. The methodology for system optimization can vary significantly between sites, it is important to understand both the complexity of the site conditions as well as the needs of the client (i.e., mass removal vs. site specific clean up criteria). SCG’s extensive experience with site remediation allows us to navigate the how, when and why of system optimization to ensure performance throughout the lifecycle of the remedial project.

Operation and Maintenance Assistance

System operational effectiveness is typically measured as runtime.  When operating equipment, one of the fundamental aspects to understand is that runtime is easily achieved when systems are not working at full capacity.  The art of operational effectiveness is achieving high runtimes (> 90%) while still maximizing the effectiveness of the remediation process and equipment.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of the process, optimization should be completed by the field supervisor (or approved alternative). It is crucial to include a collection of pre-optimization data to determine the best course of action.

SCG provides innovative solutions at all stages of your remediation project.

Minimize the impact on your work-site efficiency. Use SCGs 25+ years of environmental remediation expertise in order to remove contamination from the area in the most non-invasive way possible. Water remediation made easy with SCG Industries Ltd.
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