Oil Field High-Resolution Site Characterization

Oil & Gas High-Resolution Site Characterization

Project Overview:
SCG Remediation Services was engaged by an environmental firm to execute a High-Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) at remote, abandoned oil well pads. The project aimed to map out and quantify subsurface contaminants to aid in developing a targeted remediation strategy.

Key Challenges:

  • Remote and Inaccessible Terrain: The abandoned sites were located in challenging, remote areas, requiring specialized logistical planning and execution.
  • Precision in Data Collection: Accurate data collection was crucial for assessing the extent of contamination across multiple well pads.

Technical Execution: Utilizing the Ultraviolet Optical Screening Tool (UVOST), SCG effectively conducted:

  • A five-day intensive survey, capturing 28 UVOST points and covering 234 meters, which resulted in 16,407 precise data points.
  • Detailed drilling of 21 boreholes accumulating 65 environmental samples for further analysis.


  • Contamination Mapping: The survey identified 25 out of 28 locations showing fluorescence indicative of petroleum hydrocarbons, with distinctions made between lighter-end PAHs and fuel oil range contaminants.
  • Depth of Contamination: The UVOST highlighted significant contamination depths between 0-7.5 meters below ground surface.

Outcome: The use of advanced 3D imaging techniques provided a comprehensive view of the contamination and its stratigraphy, allowing for a refined management plan. This strategic insight saved the client considerable costs and provided a clear direction for future remediation efforts.

Conclusion: This initiative underscores SCG Remediation Services’ expertise in deploying advanced site characterization tools under challenging conditions, demonstrating their capability to deliver cost-effective and precise environmental assessments for the oil and gas industry.