Efficient Groundwater Treatment During Petroleum Station Upgrade

Oil & Gas High-Resolution Site Characterization

Project Overview:
SCG Remediation Services was enlisted to manage a critical issue of contaminated groundwater discovered during the removal of outdated underground infrastructure at a petroleum fueling station. The primary objective was to ensure the timely installation of new infrastructure without further delays.

Key Challenges:

  • Contaminated Groundwater: The presence of contaminated groundwater threatened to halt the entire infrastructure upgrade process.
  • Efficient Separation and Treatment: There was a need for an efficient system to separate fuel from contaminated groundwater and to handle fine suspended particulates, all while maintaining necessary flow rates for dewatering the excavation site.

Technical Execution: SCG implemented a comprehensive pump and treat system with the following capabilities:

  • High-Capacity Dewatering: The system was designed to pump over 400 liters per minute of contaminated groundwater, facilitating ongoing excavation and infrastructure installation.
  • Advanced Separation Technology: Utilizing staged tankage and clarifiers, the system effectively treated excess particulates without compromising the pumping rate.
  • Hydrocarbon Treatment: Contaminated water was further processed using an air stripper and granular activated carbon, targeting dissolved hydrocarbons for thorough remediation.


  • Continuous Operation: Additional protocols were developed to allow routine maintenance of the system without needing to halt dewatering operations.
  • Cost-Effective and Timely Completion: The efficient handling of groundwater contamination enabled the client to proceed with the tank farm’s removal and reinstallation within the projected budget and timeframe.

Project Duration: Two months

Conclusion: This project highlights SCG Remediation Services’ capability to quickly deploy effective solutions for complex groundwater issues in critical infrastructure projects. The successful implementation of the treatment system not only ensured regulatory compliance but also minimized downtime, demonstrating SCG’s expertise in environmental management and infrastructure support.