Nuclear Fuel Supply Facility Water Treatment System Replacement

VOC Impacted Water Treatment System in Southern Ontario

SCG Remediation Services, in partnership with a reputable environmental contractor, was chosen to design a new water treatment system for a prominent global uranium provider and nuclear fuel supplier. This project aimed to replace an outdated system handling VOC-impacted water.

Key Challenges:

  • Continuous, effective communication was crucial among a diverse team of 10 end-user engineers and project managers.
  • The new treatment system needed seamless integration with existing infrastructure and power setups.
  • The project required the procurement of controls and equipment that met the rigorous standards of the nuclear industry while adhering to strict budget and time constraints, especially in the post-pandemic environment.

Successful Team Effort: The collaborative effort led to the development of a system with no margin for error, featuring:

  • An inlet manifold for connection to existing infrastructure.
  • Various critical components such as an equalization tank, air stripper, and an antiscalant chemical feeding system.
  • Safety and control enhancements including an OSHA-approved eyewash and shower station, complete with a hot water heater, and a comprehensive power distribution and system control room.

This project showcases SCG’s ability to navigate complex requirements and deliver high-standard solutions in the nuclear fuel-making industry.