Boat Harbour Remedial Design Planning

Data Collection to Plan Remedial Design

Boat Harbour, historically impacted by over 50 years of wastewater effluent from a local pulp and paper mill, lies within Pictou Landing First Nation’s land in Nova Scotia. SCG Industries has been pivotal in the remediation efforts, employing advanced techniques to restore the harbour to its original state.

Utilizing state-of-the-art Land Development tools, SCG conducted comprehensive surveys and investigations at Boat Harbour, which included:

  • A bathymetric survey to map the sludge surface.
  • Over 500 investigations using LIF/EC Tool to profile sludge thickness and determine the bottom elevation of sludge.

These efforts have been instrumental in accurately estimating the volume of sludge to be removed and in defining the bottom of the sludge for remedial design purposes. Real-time data management and on-site calculations have provided a robust foundation for the design of sludge containment and removal strategies.

The data collected has significantly enhanced our understanding of the contaminant dynamics within the harbour, which in turn has informed the development of a cost-effective and efficient remediation plan.