Design Assistance

SCG has over 20 years of experience in the design and installation of remediation and water treatment systems conducting hundreds of pilot and full scale operations for a variety of contaminants and environmental conditions. This experience has given SCG a unique perspective on system design allowing us to effectively meet our client’s requirements. Our application knowledge coupled with an innovative and collaborative approach is a key piece of SCG’s advantage, we understand the how and why of design.


Pilot Testing

At SCG we understand that successful project design and implementation is based on understanding the site specific challenges. Remediation and water treatment systems are high tech. tools, in design and application we have to ensure we’ve chosen the correct tool for the job.

Pilot testing helps to ensure the effective operation and design of the full scale system. Pilot testing provides answers the big (e.g. is this the appropriate technology?) and small (e.g. pipe sizing?) questions needed to conduct a cost-effective, successful program. SCG has conducted hundreds of pilot tests for a variety of remedial technologies. SCG can help design your pilot test to meet your site specific challenges and goals.

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